Standing and injury

Author: LegalEase Solutions QUESTION PRESENTED “For standing purposes, would humiliation or a threat of injury constitute an imminent injury?”  SHORT ANSWER Humiliation or threat of injury may likely to constitute imminent injury if the Plaintiff succeed in proving the declaration by the Defendant resulted in real or immediate threat that the plaintiff will be wronged … Continue reading “Standing and injury”

Defamation Cause of Action

Author: LegalEase Solutions QUESTIONS PRESENTED Whether a defamation claim against Steve Conn, the DFT President, is viable, and whether Mr. Conn would be liable in his personal capacity or in his official capacity in such a suit.  SHORT ANSWERS The cause of action for defamation depends upon four requirements: (1) a false and defamatory statement, … Continue reading “Defamation Cause of Action”

Research on Judicial Proceedings Privilege and RICO claim

Author: LegalEase Solutions  JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS PRIVILEGE IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE Introduction Our client’s employer Metropolitan Hospital, terminated our client’s employment in retaliation for her action of bringing to light various illegal/fraudulent conduct occurring at the hospital with respect to billing of patients. A lawsuit was filed against the hospital on behalf of the client … Continue reading “Research on Judicial Proceedings Privilege and RICO claim”

Malicious Prosecution and Defamation as Counterclaims – Illinois

Author: LegalEase Solutions  Question Presented: What are probable civil claims under Illinois law, against a complainant whose frivolous criminal complainant was discharged for lack of evidence, and has now filed a civil suit based on the same fact Are punitive damages and/or attorneys fees available to the defendant? Short Answers Malicious prosecution and defamation are … Continue reading “Malicious Prosecution and Defamation as Counterclaims – Illinois”